Shadowing Jesus The Traveler: Adventures In Following Jesus The Disciple Maker.

Shadowing Jesus The Traveler: Adventures in following Jesus the disciple maker.
by J. Michael Corley
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Discipleship was Jesus’ plan to change the world. He spent three years training twelve individuals who would be responsible to spread his message about the kingdom of God. Since his challenge was, “Follow me,” it should be no surprise that Jesus traveled from place to place taking the Twelve along with him. Who did they meet? What lessons did they learn on the way?

Jesus the master discipler announced in Acts 1:8 that his followers would be witnessing in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth. It comes as a surprise to many that Jesus had already taken his disciples to all these places.

This book is for those who are bored with the predictable direction of their lives and are ready to rise to the challenge issued by Jesus in Luke 9:23, “Whoever wants to be my apprentice must disown themselves and pick up their cross everyday and shadow me.”

Shadowing Jesus The Traveler is also for pastors and leaders looking for ways they can recalibrate their discipling tactics to more closely resemble those practiced by Jesus. Trending practices in 21st Century discipleship training include authentic challenges to the status quo. Visionary leaders disciple people away from comfort zones. The journey beyond the predictable and mundane may include a visit to an inner city mission, a mall, or even a short-term missions trip. But it always pushes them to boldly go where they have never gone before.

Jesus demonstrated that it is essential is to take disciples off the beaten path. His followers desperately needed someone to lead them away from the familiar. Jesus’ tactics for leadership development never included filling in blanks in a booklet. Rather than calling new converts to safety and comfort, Jesus invited people to take risks. While good content is important, faith formation is more about learning to live on the edge than learning a bunch of Bible facts. It’s more like learning a craft than taking a quiz.

In Jesus’ disciple making process people were challenged to pay price. The real cost of discipleship has always been commitment not comfort.

This book explores the places Jesus took his disciples, the people they met, and the lessons they learned. It concludes with a challenge for the reader to move out and Shadow Jesus.

A writer and editor named Roxann wrote, “chapter 9 was awesome and chapter 10 wrecked me!”
An officer in Homeland Security named John emailed, “Once I started reading, I read it all the way through. Powerful for me.”

Would you like to become a world-class discipler? Shadowing Jesus The Traveler will help you see how Jesus did it.




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